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CSAFF 2023 Official Selection Laurel (1)


After a fledgling undercover cop messes up a long-term operation, the hunt for the rat begins. To prove he is capable of making things right, he attempts one final "leap of faith" to try to finish the mission before time runs out.

What if you’d sold your soul, but could redeem yourself? What if you were overwhelmed by despair, but could prove to yourself that you are capable? What if you were the only who could make things right, but knew it could cost you your life? Would you take that leap of faith?

Zero Hour explores common themes of redemption and resurrection, but in a way that is fresh and exciting! Zero Hour has a unique tone. It is gritty and suspenseful, fun and engaging, and dark and irreverent all at the same time.

The story climaxes with a skydiving action stunt sequence that was shot 100% practically with absolutely no CGI or VFX whatsoever! Ali Ahmed spent several months and did over 40 skydive jumps in order to be capable of proficiently performing this stunt. The narrative is built around the skydiving sequence so that it is properly woven into the greater narrative.

This is Ali Ahmed's second short film as a director and producer. Despite the fact that we were working with an extremely low budget, you’ll be taken on a totally exhilarating storytelling experience. Ultimately, this short film is meant to also serve as a proof of concept, so the story world, characters, and plot are just a sneak peak for a lot more!

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