My Journey into the Arts

And in the Works

I grew up in Scranton PA. I come from a background of discipline and hard work, having been raised by immigrants, but I have a rebellious side to me as well. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a degree in Neuroscience and Film, I moved to NYC.

I spent some time at “entertainment grad school” working at ICM Partners, where I learned about the business. I then took the leap and began my journey as an actor studying at The Neighborhood Playhouse.

My mentor, legendary agent Boaty Boatwright at ICM, has championed my screenwriting and acting work.

I have been writing screenplays for film and TV for the last 6 years. My passion project feature script, The Mirage, is a slice of life drama about a rebellious Syrian refugee girl who struggles to maintain her child-like innocence while drifting apart from her complicated mother in a refugee camp. It is a story of perseverance, hope, love, and friendship.

The Mirage has been praised by an Oscar-nominated writer/director and an Emmy Award-winning producer.

My current projects include... 

Identity Theft: A 18-year old Pakistani-American DJ from Jackson Heights, Queens lives a double life from his strict Muslim parents. After getting fired one night, he lies about who he is to a girl he meets at the club to get laid, only to realize he feels a deep connection with someone for the first time.

Buried & Forgotten: An alcoholic who's life has become unmanageable must stay sober for a weekend trip home to see his dying uncle. But going home forces him to grapple with deeper childhood traumas.

Amends Made:  Two young journalists are given the opportunity to write a story about their father who's been deemed innocent and released after 20 years of imprisonment. However, their search for the truth reveals troubling possible implications.

Ruminants:  A man finds himself forced by the law to live in a halfway house with a group of eccentric individuals. He struggles to find sobriety and belonging in his life, while having many reckless adventures along the way.

I have experience working on short films both in front of the camera, as an actor, and behind it as a director.
I am pursuing acting in film and tv as well as in theatre.